Do shit that matters.

Cycle was born out of a rebellious desire to disrupt the way we think about waste. We refused to accept that waste had to harm our planet and health, and we set out to find a better way. Our journey began with a wild idea - what if we could use wastewater to make products? It seemed crazy, but we knew it was possible. After years of research and development, we finally cracked the code. 

We discovered that by brewing waste under special conditions, we could extract pure water and valuable organic acids rich in vinegar - the same vinegar that's been used for centuries as a cleaning product. But even so, our goal wasn't to create cleaning products. That was inspired by a moment of unhappy serendipity when our founder's sister, battling breast cancer, told him about throwing out toxic cleaners from her home. Given that cleaning products mostly contain water and some cleaning agent along with soap, it only seemed natural we create a cleaning product. Finding the perfect balance of natural ingredients and our recycled elixir and making it all affordable and smell great took a bit of effort but finally we got it right and Cycle was born.

Today, Cycle products are available in two variations. Our ready to use cleaners, available in retail, are made from more than 90% recycled ingredients and help save water. The other option, our concentrates, help save CO2 emissions when shipped to your home. Cycle products are packaged in recycled plastic bottles, excluding the enclosures. All Cycle formulations are concocted in our lab using recycled water, repurposed organic acids, plant derived ingredients and essentials oils to ensure every product is natural, safe, unquestionably sustainable and accredited under Cruelty Free and Nature Care Product/Green brands standards. Even our production facility runs on energy created from waste. Furthermore, we offset all our CO2 emissions so that every Cycle product has a NetZero carbon footprint.

We at Cycle believe that every person has the power to make a positive impact on the planet, and we're just making it easy for everyone to do their part. We are challenging the status quo and we know we will be confronted by the Goliath's of the world. But we remain determined to fight greenwashing and toxic petrochemicals under every sink, in every home, inside every business.

Cycle is not just any ordinary cleaning product. It's a symbol of rebellion against the wasteful and unsustainable norms of our society. Our hundreds of customers proudly and bravely wear Cycle on their sleeve, making our mission theirs to challenge the status quo and shift mindsets towards a more sustainable future. Cycle doesn't just talk the talk, it walks the walk, and it's a middle finger to those who refuse to change. We're leading the charge in revolutionizing the cleaning industry with our effective and sustainable products and we invite you to invite us into your world and help make real change from the comfort of you spotlessly clean home.