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Clean, green, cheap!

Everything feels better in a clean home, whether it's work, cooking or a romantic dinner. The fact that a hygienic, clean living environment doesn't have to mean risking the planet or the health of ourselves and our loved ones is fortunately becoming more and more widely known. The popular belief is that green cleaning products are generally more expensive than their toxic petrochemical counterparts. And to be honest, that was true - until now!  


Concentrate, spiked 

Most of you will already be familiar with Cycle's concentrates, both in our starter pack and separately. For those of you who have tried them and fallen in love with how easy they are to keep your home clean, we have good news. You're eagerly awaiting the big brother of concentrates to take up the fight against dirt! 


Sometimes size does matter! 

At Cycle, we call the new half-litre concentrate Godzilla. It easily tackles all the smudges and grime, and you only need to buy it once to keep your home clean for months afterwards. You can make 10 bottles of cleaner from half a litre of concentrate, so you can forget about the problem of running out just when you need it most. And you don't even have to carry much! What could be better?  


How much? 

A 500 ml refill costs € 14.99, which means you get each full bottle of cleaner for only € 1.49! And you also need much less packaging to transport the concentrate, so you are not only protecting the environment with a natural formula, but also with fewer emissions. Not to mention protecting your wallet. 


Greener is cheaper? 

Fortunately, yes! As technology catches up with consumers' natural need to avoid spending money on polluting the environment, we are able to make more and more efficient products available at a good price, and  we are constantly working to keep it that way. So you don't have to worry about the effects of toxic chemicals or spending a fortune on keeping your home clean and safe. Have you tried Green Cleaners Yet?