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Environmental awareness is not just a passing fad

Even in these times of crisis, sustainability is becoming increasingly important to more and more people, according to the latest Global Sustainability Study. Climate change has long been seen as a distant prospect, but unfortunately we are now seeing the signs of it in our own skin all over the world. This is inspiring many to live more consciously and consume more sustainably, with 63% of respondents to the representative survey making serious lifestyle changes to live greener and a further 22% taking small steps in the right direction, such as switching to eco-friendly cleaning products instead of toxic chemicals. 


Misconceptions about organic cleaning products 

There are many misconceptions surrounding sustainably produced cleaning products made from organic ingredients. One of the most common of these is price, with many people believing that eco-friendly products can only be more expensive than their other counterparts. In recent years, it has become fashionable to take care of the health of our planet, which has increased the demand for these products, but that doesn't mean that we can't benefit financially from buying them. 


Hello, concentrates! 

In recent years, a wave of innovation has started to make more and more environmentally friendly products available in concentrate form. The idea behind concentrates is that a tried and tested ingredient is sold in a concentrate or tablet form, and the usual effect can be enjoyed for longer in smaller quantities. The products come with instructions for dilution, so those who have not used a similar product before can easily find the right proportions. The spread of concentrates is a major contribution to protecting the environment, as the smaller size means more product can be transported with the same amount of fuel and less packaging  needed. Last but not least, it is also convenient for consumers, as there is much less lugging around for the usual bulk purchases, and the lower cost of entry keeps the price of the products affordable compared to their counterparts. 



One in ten - new Cycle concentrate on the market! 

At Cycle, we place a high priority on using natural, renewable ingredients and protecting our living waters. We use recycled water and naturally fermented organic acids in all our products, which pose no threat to wildlife once they enter the drain, unlike the popular, highly toxic petrochemicals. Now, at last, our products are available in 10x strength concentrates, Sunny Bhasin said of the good news: 


It is very important to make it as easy as possible for people to access the purity that they don't have to risk their health or the health of the planet. We work along these principles and keep both the customer and the planet in mind. A half-litre of concentrate is enough to make 10 bottles of detergent at home, literally taking a huge burden off our customers' shoulders.  


The interest in a more conscious life, both from consumers and manufacturers, is finding its way even in times of crisis. In fact, now perhaps more than ever, because protecting our planet is one of the pressing issues we have to think about every day. Let's hope that humanity can start to build the next recovery with a better informed, more sustainable perspective. If it's up to us, we will!